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Top 10 Metaverse games to jump right into (2022)

Throughout the past few years the phrase “metaverse” has become increasingly more popular. As more companies recognize it as the technology of the future of business and gaming. Even while the term is increasingly being used to refer to a “internet universe” and “online world” its connotation can still be rather ambiguous. It’s important to grasp what the phrase “metaverse” means because it’s being dubbed the next “great thing.”

Meta verse : An extension of our existing reality.

The term “metaverse” describes technology that can  give users a chance to interact with interconnected virtual worlds. Its name, derived from the Greek words meta, which means beyond, and universe, is essentially an extension of the physical world.

The metaverse enables users to  enter and engage with others in these 3D “worlds,” where they represent themselves as digital avatars, real people interacting with online games and apps. These online communities’ actions mirror those in the real world. Items can be created, bought, sold, invested in, and given as rewards to other players. As users move through an ecosystem of rival products, the Metaverse effortlessly combines gaming, virtual reality, live streaming, cryptocurrencies, and social networking. For instance, a player who purchases a piece of digital art from one game created by one firm may use that same item in a separate game created by a different company hence the name ‘Meta’.

Big names in the MetaSphere

Other businesses had been leading the way in the development of the metaverse even before Mark Zuckerberg changed the name of Facebook to Meta in 2021. Some of the top pioneers and early adopters are listed below:


Around 50 million user-made games are hosted by Roblox, which first made its game available on PC in 2006 before making it available on mobile and Xbox. Roblox is quite popular among children because of the adorable and vibrant design of the mini-games it provides. Popular examples include “Adopt Me,” which simulates caring for pets, and “Brookhaven,” a role-playing game where players can customize their homes and automobiles.


In an interview with Bloomberg, Google CEO Sundar Pichai defined the metaverse as “developing computers in an immersive way with augmented reality.” In a private equity fund, the corporation has put $39.5 million aside to use for all of the initiatives it will collaborate on in the metaverse. Foxconn is one of the businesses that will work with Google to develop software and hardware for augmented reality, according to a Taiwan News report.


Since its November launch, Nikeland, the sportswear company’s micro-metaverse built in Roblox, has drawn 6.7 million visitors from 224 different nations. The area plays to the capabilities of Roblox as a platform by featuring games like dodgeball and allowing users to try on virtual goods.


For creating the 2016 augmented reality (AR) mobile game Pokemon Go, Niantic is the software development business that is most well-known. However, founder and CEO John Hanke disagrees with most proponents of the metaverse and thinks that individuals should be drawn into the metaverse rather than the other way around. The business made this point in its 2021 “Meet You Out There” campaign, highlighting how AR may improve in-person experiences. It made available the Lightship AR development kit weeks before the campaign.

How do you get started on Metaverse games?

A decent internet connection

A lot of data will need to be retrieved so the faster your connection the better.

A virtual reality headset

Although VR equipment can cost hundreds of dollars, there are alternatives, like Google Cardboard (which uses your smartphone and a cardboard viewer), headsets attached to a computer (such as those made by Valve, Sony, HTC, and HP), and console and wireless devices (Oculus Quest).

Crypto Wallet

You will need a wallet to store your digital goods inside – these are easily obtainable via big services such as walletconnect and Metamask.

Top 10 Metaverse Games

1.Axie Infinity :

A startup in Vietnam named Sky Mavis realeased Axie Infinity in 2018. Axies are imaginary creatures that players may breed, nurture, gather, and trade in this Pokemon-inspired game. Each monster contains around 500 customizable body components. Depending on the genetic makeup of their offspring, Axies develop different traits and abilities.

In June 2021, Axie Infinity had a sharp increase in popularity. The game allowed some users to make money, and in just 30 days, it brought in close to 780 million USD in revenue. People are drawn to the game because of its earning possibilities. Axie Infinity generated more fees in seven days in July 2021 than Bitcoin or Ethereum did.

In this game, the virtual pets and other objects have value in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are digital ownership certificates that are managed by blockchain technology. In order to acquire tokens, players can also locate scholars or individuals to whom they can lend three of their Axies.

2. Decentraland :

Decentraland can best be understood by drawing comparisons to sandbox video games. The GTA and Elder Scrolls series are a few of well-known examples of this genre. However, given that it also uses low-poly 3D images, Minecraft is perhaps the best analogy. Users can thereby travel a huge map, exploring, interacting, and conducting business with one another. They can also produce material that they can monetise afterwards.

In this virtual world with over 90,000 land parcels, you may create avatars, purchase wearables, and buy real estate using the MANA money. Each lot, which is 16 virtual square meters, can be rented out by a landowner for whatever is on it, including homes, hotels, parks, theaters, casinos, and other structures. Additionally, you can make money by setting up an exhibit where digital art will be auctioned off, arranging a concert and selling tickets, etc. One of the widely used digital wallets that users of this site utilize is MetaMask.

3. Sandbox :

The Sandbox is a decentralized, community-driven gaming environment that has worked with numerous titans of the sector, like Square Enix and Atari, and allows designers and artists to build, distribute, and monetize NFTs and gaming experiences on the Ethereum blockchain. Its well-liked virtual properties, referred to as LANDs, are dominating the NFT industry.

4. Iluvium :

Illuvium is one of the newest cryptogames to hit the market, but investors are encouraged by its potential. Users get the opportunity to explore the sci-fi planet Illuvium during the play-to-earn experience, where they can engage in combat with and gather NFT animals. 

Players take on the role of a hunter as they explore different locations and take down creatures known as Illuvials. Users can earn money in a variety of methods, such as through finishing levels, competing against other players, and taking home tournament prizes. 

5. My Neighbour Alice :

You can purchase and maintain virtual islands that Alice looks after or even farming plots in the multiplayer construction game My Neighbor Alice. Similar to Farmville, you can select the crops to cultivate, the livestock to breed, and how you want to connect with other players. You can also run a bee farm or apiary and afterwards sell the honey as another source of income. On the Alice market and other blockchains, My Neighbor Alice NFTs (which include plants, animals, houses, clothes, décor, and more) can be traded.

6. Minecraft :

With over 238 million copies sold and approximately 140 million monthly active users as of 2021, Minecraft is the most popular online game ever. Minecraft is a must-have addition to any list of games in the metaverse, even though Axie Infinity is the premier example of play to earn gaming. It has long been the most well-known sandbox universe, giving it an early-mover advantage in the metaverse game market before the metaverse was even brought up in the media or in the corporate world.

7. Fortnite :

Fortnite, the flagship game of Epic Games, began as an open-world RPG game with a Battle Royale-style gameplay mechanic. Over time, it has gained a devoted following and expanded its universe to include an increasing variety of virtual experiences. Fortnite is currently seen as a prototype for future metaverse games. 

Being the last person standing while battling other players and game obstacles is the main goal of the multiplayer gameplay in the Fortnite virtual world. In order to have an advantage in battle, players can gather things, explore the landscape, and create structures.

8. Horizon Worlds :

Facebook, also known as Meta, the corporation that spearheaded the metaverse craze in 2021, has created Horizon Worlds, a VR platform for Oculus Quest where users can hang out, conduct business meetings, explore the virtual world, take part in virtual events, and play games. Some of such video games were produced by users of Horizon, while others were distributed by Meta.

‘It’s a pass with unlimited access to incredible VR content, such as star-studded musical concerts, thrilling sporting events, interesting film experiences, and more. Furthermore, you never need to leave your home. Twelve Carat Toothache, a VR experience by Post Malone, serves as the opening act. And if you want suspense, have a look at Nope Environment, a spooky world based on Jordan Peele’s most recent film. All summer long, new artists and free content will be announced. Put on your Meta Quest gear. the gathering of friends. build new relationships.’

9. Cryptokitties :

The buzz surrounding cryptocurrencies and the metaverse can be attributed to one game in particular: CryptoKitties. Back in late 2017, when CryptoKitties became the first major NFT craze, something happened (so huge it broke the Ethereum blockchain). What’s not to enjoy about adorable virtual cats that you can breed, play with, and earn real money with at the same time? CryptoKitties has you covered in this regard. Let’s start with some ground rules: Breeding, trading, and task completion are the three basic game modes in this metaverse. The company behind other cryptocurrency hits like the NBA Top Shot, Dapper Labs, from Canada, created this hugely well-liked blockchain game.

10. Alien Worlds :

A blockchain-based metaverse game with a sci-fi theme and a mining game is called Alien Worlds. After humanity were compelled to flee Earth due to a widespread pandemic in the year 2055, this metaverse extends across seven extraterrestrial worlds. Each of these worlds in the Federation of Alien Worlds has its own ecosystem, cultural traditions, way of life, physical geography, tools, avatars, and ways to earn NFTs. The WAX, Binance Smart Chain, and Ethereum (ETH) blockchains power this metaverse game (BSC). In exchange for the Trilium (TLM) token, which can be used for staking and voting in Planet Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, players are forced to compete for the limited resources in this metaverse (Planet DAOs).

Where did the word Metaverse come from?

The phrase “metaverse” originally appears in Neal Stephenson’s science fiction book “Snow Crash” in 1992. The protagonists in the narrative interact with one another in that dystopian virtual realm using avatars of themselves, just like in today’s virtual reality games. They can enter this virtual space via their own devices or public ports. A snow crash occurs when a user’s connection in the Metaverse is tainted by a hacking attempt, virus attacks, or digital substance. Not only will it injure the online persona, but it would also impair the brain of the actual user. In an interview, Stephenson claimed that the black-and-white static that appears on the screen of a malfunctioning TV set served as the inspiration for his story Snow Crash. The author did, however, make it clear that he is not associated with the rebranding of Facebook.

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